Thursday, 23 June 2011

Looking up

Well hello there...its been a few days hasn't it?
To be fair, its been a few emotional days where i have once again been all over the place.  Head in the clouds as they say. More like a few weeks really.

Right now however, I have to say that I am a little excited.  Things are looking up.

Work, a little less stressful, that's coz its the middle of the month and I know it wont stay that way, but I am using the opportunity to do a little catch up on the things i haven't been able to get to.
On the social front things are looking up too.  Next weekend its a catch up with old friends and meeting some new ones and at the end of July I'm off to London to catch up with a very old friend and it promises to be awesomeness!

Most importantly of all though, is that I am continuing to see things clearer.  More and more so everyday.  Getting stronger and starting to take control of my own life and my own destiny.  Too hell with the rest.  Its my life and I'll only have one of them.

So looking forward to seeing you all - Irene, Caroline, Rob and Andrew!


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