Monday, 27 June 2011

And the truth shall set you free

For the last two days, that particular saying has been going around and around in my head.
For the last few, (or is that years?) I have been pretty much blind to a lot of things. I have seen my world around me in a way that was not quite right. I have forgotten things and neglected things that are supposed to be important. I have believed things to be one particular way and at the time, try as hard as I could, I could not be swayed from that.
And then, as if out of the blue, the truth set me free. Was it something I read, something I heard, something I dreamt or just something that suddenly hit me between the eyes? It doesn't matter, but the blinkers came off and the truth of it all was spelled out to me and for this I am eternally grateful.

It's not a lot to ask for in life. Truth. Right?

You live with people, love people, care for people. You have friends, family and people that are important to you. These people shape your lives and make you the person that you are. Whether you want them to or not. Some people or things become more important than others, when really they don't deserve to be. Sometimes you loose focus of what really matters.

My head has been in the clouds for so long now. I have been thoroughly lost and adrift in uncertainty. I haven't been depressed as my mother thinks, just confused. But I have learned that honesty is always the best way.  I have learned that you can easily hurt people and can easily be hurt by people that you care about. But most of all, I have learned that in order to really know anything in life, you need to know the truth. Not the painted over pretty picture, not what you think is important, but the ugly, unbiased, dirty truth. Only then, can you really move on. Only then, can you really be set free.

Once again, I've gone and got all philosophical I know. Once again I write about whats in my heart. This is my place to do that though. I could carry on here and blog for hours on this subject, but whats the point? I think I have got my message across.

Thank you for hanging in there - you know who you are.