Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Anybody Listening?

I don't want to make this blog too much like my original website, but there are some things on there that I just cannot help reposting as I loved them so much at the time and still do today.  Below is a poem that I posted way back in April 2000. I remember hearing it one day when I was a young teenager, on a cassette my parent's had me listen to (don't ask) and I do not know who the original author is, but I think the message it gives is very potent and still relevant. It didn't come with a title, so I have given it my own.

Anybody Listening?

So now little man your tired of grass
LSD, acid cocaine and hash
Someone pretended to be a true friend
Said i'll introduce you to Miss Herione

Well honey before you start fooling with me
Just let me inform you on how it will be
For I will seduce you and make you my slave
For i've sent much stronger than you to their grave

You'll swindle your mother and just for a buck
You'll turn into something vile and currupt
You'll mug and you'll steal for my narcotic charm
And feel contentment when i'm in your arms

The day your realize the monster you've grown
You'll solemly promise to leave me alone
And if you think you've got the mysticle knack
Then sweetie just try getting me off your back

The vomit, the cramps, your gut tied in a knot
The jingling nerves screaming for just one more shot
The hot chills, the cold sweat, the withdrawel pains
Can only be saved by my little white grains

There's no other way, there's no need to look
For deep down inside, you'll know when your hooked
You'll run desperately to the pusher and then
You'll welcome me back in your arms once again

And when you return just as I have fortold
I know that you'll give me your body and soul
You'll give up your morals, your conscience and your heart
And you will be mine, until death us do part.
~~Author Unknown~~

Friday, 24 February 2012

Princess of Decay - Featuring Cory Eadson

Ever since my journey over to Twitter I've discovered many talented people.  In most cases, not only are they talented poets, authors and amazing bloggers, they are also witty, funny, incredibly wonderful people.  One of these that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know is a guy called Cory Eadson.  His passion for everything 'Doctor Who' as well as his penchent for things from the dark side has me laughing out loud at most of his tweets.  The other night, I had the priviledge to see one of his poems which he emailed over to me.  I was BLOWN away.  The more I kept saying 'Cory, this is so good'. The more he laughed me off and actually called me 'Daft' at one stage.
Anyway, I thought it was so good I asked him if I could post it here and lucky for me, he said yes.  If you are on Twitter and you are not following @Evermore_Evil then you really need to Follow ASAP!  Also, he is the fastest blogger I have ever met.  Having only started his blog about 3 or so days ago, he probably has more postings in it by now than I have on mine! I've never known anyone to blog so fast.  So for all things 'Dr Who', for more poetry, film reviews and more, please visit his blog here: Morgue of Intrigue

Ok, I'll stop, because knowing him, I will only start embarressing him if I continue to stroke his ego as I am doing, so without further ado, here it is:

Pricess of Decay
October twilight;
A hissing death rattle
Dances through
The brittle ribcage woodland-
Skeleton trees shivering
In the chilling gaze of the moon.

My heart stills,
As I find your place
In this natural necropolis.
A pile of festering
Leaves and twigs-
Dead rainbow colours
Bathed in yellow moonlight.
The putrefying remains
Pulsate and shuffle,
Like a late thing
Brought back to life.
And then you rise,
Rise upwards from the
Putrefaction -
You, the Princess of Decay.

You, with your long, mottled hair,
Like dead leaves clinging desperately
To a near-naked tree.
You, with those hollow brown eyes
That see more than any human.
You, with that smile,
Like a pine-cone opening slowly:
Beautiful, but with sharp edges.

Any whispered words are lost
On the eternal, sweeping wind,
But words are unimportant.
You take my hand
(With cold, cold fingers)
And take me deeper into
The crisp heart
Of this necropolis forest...
Deeper and deeper we go,
The crunching of leaves and twigs
Beneath your bare-feet
Almost drowned by my
Roaring heart.
I want to ask you so many things,
But I am numb from curiosity...
And perhaps even love?

As we reach a moonlit clearing,
And you gaze up at me
With those owlish eyes
And that impossible smile,
I understand.
Of course I love you,
A weary, lost soul saved
By the Princess of Decay.
And as our icy lips connect,
I know our destiny lies
In eternal Autumn.
You and I,
Rotting together

Please leave your comments (if you are so inclined) and let him know what you think of this.

Blog soon 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Like a mouse in a maze

The city had been home to generations for hundreds of years. Compact and walled, she was considered impenetrable to anyone from the outside. But for the thousands within her walls, just as hard to get out.  Based at the foot of the Tempie mountain, she was a city that appeared to have been forgotten in time.  You would easily have been mistaken if you thought her to have being originally built by a lost Mayan civilisation or perhaps even the Romans. As the city grew in population, so too did the buildings with height to accommodate them.  And for all the citizens that called her home there appeared to be no need to go anywhere else for this city offered everything you could ever need. Amenities, entertainment, beautiful homes.  It had it all.

I don't recall how it was that I was living there, nor why it was that it was being guarded by soldiers speaking German and dressed in black uniforms with medals and stars on their breast pockets and fancy black peaked caps on their heads. I don't know why I knew that we were in imminent danger, nor why the guards were keeping it a secret from everyone, nor why they were preventing anyone from leaving. More frustrating, why all its citizens where going about their daily business, oblivious and careless.  I kept preaching imminent doom, but nobody was listening.

Tempie was rumbling.  I could see the smoke and if you stopped for a second, you would be able to smell the acid and hear the groaning.  All my alarm bells were screaming and panic was setting in.  Yet everyone continued about their business.  My mouth seemed to be sewn shut, because like the guards, I couldn't utter a word.  My eyes were stretched wide in a silent scream and as I dashed up one set of stairs and down another set of endless stairs, I appeared to be running around in circles.  I couldn't find my way out.  And every time I thought I'd found a way, I ran into a guard.  They didn't speak to me, but I somehow knew to try to get past them would be suicidal, so I turned back and sought another way.

Night fell on the city and the sound of people drinking and socialising filled the streets.  The bars and taverns filled and music could be heard from the concert halls.  It was a happy atmosphere all around me, but I knew that it was to be short lived. I knew that everyone was going to die, yet I still didn't raise the alarm. I wasn't able to and I was terrified I would only draw attention to myself.  By now, the main objective seemed to be to get myself out. To live.

The walls of the city stretched high up into the sky. They could easily have been 300 ft high. It had been billed as the safest city in the world and one couldn't help but look at those walls and know that no enemy was ever going to get over them.  What it offered though was a false sense of security because I needed to get out and now all I felt was trapped.  Like a mouse in a maze I kept running, only to be met by either another wall or another guard.

And then I saw it.  A ladder that stretched up all the way to the top.  I started to climb it, higher and higher I went and as I climbed I prayed that nobody would see me.  I kept waiting to hear the scream of a guard shouting for me to stop.  Someone to take a shot at me maybe? But this didn't happen.  Eventually, at the top I reached a trapdoor and opening it, pulled myself inside.  It was a surveillance room.  A German guard sat in front of a bank of computer, studying the going's-on within the city.  He turned to look at me as I stood up straight but only smiled at me.  This left me completely confused.  Why wasn't he reacting?  Why didn't he shout for help? Why didn't he reach for his gun?  I stood motionless in the middle of this room and watched as another guard walked in from an adjoining room.  He too smiled at me and in German started conversing with the one at the computers.  I could not understand what he was saying but somehow I knew that they were talking about me.  My eyes flashed to the windows in this room and I ran over to the window facing outside and for the first time in years, caught a glimpse of the world outside the walls.  It was nothing but jungle. Way, way down below.

Then the second German guard turned to me and said. "It is too late.  You cannot leave." More damning was not his words, but the look on his face.  Like he understood my fear but knew there was nothing to be done and that he had accepted this fate. This is the thought that went through my head as I absorbed his words.  And then I heard and felt it:  The creaking of something in the process of snapping, the whoosh of something flying through the air and the rumbling under my feet .  I ran to the opposite wall and looked out of the window into the city and saw that it had started.   Where buildings had once been ablaze with lights, now they were ablaze with fire. Where people had been laughing and singing, now there was only screaming.  I watched for a few more seconds as more fire reigned down on the city and then with tears in my eyes I turned back to the guard.  He stretched his arm out, pointing to the window as if inviting me to try to escape but said nothing. I ran once more to the far window, peering out, but there was nothing there but a 300 foot drop on that side and I stood motionless, looking out the window contemplating which way I was going to choose to die.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Butterfly Feet - The Fairy Ring Writing Contest

Mommy had told me not to go back to the stream, but how could I resist? Now, all wrapped up in a thick coat, a scarf wrapped tightly around my neck and mittens on my hands, I stood at the edge of the tinkling water hoping to see her again. It had not being my fault earlier today when I’d fallen into the stream.
“I promise Mommy, I saw her, I saw her!” I had protested as she had stripped me of my wet clothes.
Mommy just smiled. Although I am only 11 I knew she didn't believe me.

But I know what I saw and I know I’m wasn't mistaken.

The little dancing fairy had been skip skip skipping across the stream. Her little butterfly feet barely touching the water. Her green dragonfly wings buzzing and I’m sure she was laughing. Laughing at me.
But what was so funny and was that singing I could hear? It had not being my fault I wanted to get closer and touch her little body, to gently lift her in my hand. Little firefly lights twinkling all around me, almost like a dream. But I knew she wasn’t a dream, this beautiful green winged fairy that appeared to be laughing at me.

And then, Splash! And all was gone. The green fairy dancer and the fireflies instantly disappeared. There was nothing but me, dripping wet and spluttering and Mommy shouting and running over, enquiring if I was ok.
I know now that I will come back here, as many times as I must, long after I’ve grown up and am as old as Mommy. And maybe one day I will see her again, the dancing fairy, skipping over the water and laughing at me.


Do not tremble

Do not tremble, do not fear
For death itself is drawing near.
Don't be afraid and do not cry
The time has come to say goodbye.
Do not worry, please stay strong
We're here today, but tomorrow gone.
Do not be scared, I'll hold your hand
And try to help you understand.
The journey's long, we've just begun
Now everything is said and done.
There's nothing left for you to do
This day would come, of this you knew.
Don't be dismayed of the unknown
For I am here to take you home.
Do not tremble, do not fear
You're not alone, for I am here.