Saturday, 4 June 2011

Happy Day

OMG, I've got a follower!  Imagine my excitement in coming onto this page to see, yes ...I have ONE follower!  I'd jump up and down and do a happy dance if I wasn't so tired today.

Thank you Alycia, you rock....of course you do.

The sun is shining in Manchester today.  Not only is it shining, but its actually nice and hot too.  I say this, because unlike the sun in Africa, just because you sometimes see the yellow orb in the sky (occasionally) it doesn't necessarily give off any heat.  Today, however, it is..and its glorious!  A friend made a comment to me the other day saying that the weather shouldn't (and doesn't apparently) affect people's moods.  This is me sticking my tongue out to him saying, yes, it does...I may be tired as hell (have been for a few days now and not sure why) but I'm feeling somewhat happy too.  The summer feeling does that to me.

Anyway, lets not talk about the weather today.  Just know that I am grateful for the good days when they do show up, and here is hoping for many more.  That, and some more followers to make me feel like I am important or something.

Comments, of course are very welcome too :P


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