For many years I have written poetry. At one time (during my divorce) I was penning a poem almost every other week.  I find, that when I am emotional, I tend to need to get words down on paper, to describe my sadness, my joy, and it's at times like that that I tend to do my 'better' poetry.  For a long time I never did anything. The creative side in me went into hibernation but it has recently being brought back to life and now-a-days I find myself doing poetry again, and writing whenever I can.

Below is the listing of every poem I have done (that I could lay my hands on). I have published them backwards in date order, so the newest one will always be on the top.

This is the second time I have done this page, as I stupidly pressed something and lost everything that was on here, but in a way I am glad I did, because on hunting for them all again, I found some that I had missed the first time around and now they have finally found their way on here.

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Enjoy xx

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me screaming at the top of my voice
While my lips remain sealed?

Can you see me?
Can you see my eyes pleading with yours
Begging to be heard

I am reaching
Reaching out my trembling hand
Willing you to take it
I am pleading
Silently shrieking, ripping at my skin
For your attention
Can’t you see me?
Wilting like a dying flower in the sun
Desperate for your touch

I am losing
I am fading
I am hopeless

Can you hear me?

Ode to her Master

Oh to feel Your hand caress my skin
My possessed body quivering
As aching torment seers my soul
And leaves me feeling all but whole

Oh Master take my trembling hand
Your harsh words more than I can stand
And love me for all that I can be
Yours now, tomorrow and for eternity

All that I am, all that I do
Is done to only pleasure You
And though I slip along the way
My devotion is always there to stay

Oh Master will you hold me tight
And whisper I’m your girl tonight
And tomorrow when the sun rises new
Whisper that I am your girl then too.

My body and mind is what I give
To you to treasure, to protect and forgive
To teach, to guide and to learn you ways
Your devoted sub now and always.

Streaking Light

Flashing over, blinking light
Streaking through the empty night
From where you come or where you go
I can truly say I do not know

A hint of promise, a hint of fate
it leaves me breathless, but yet I wait
to wish upon a shooting star
and find the perfect one by far.

And as the lights streak through the sky
I touch my face and dry my eye
and dream that I will feel the power
of hope that's promised by a meteor shower.

Touch Me
To feel the whisper of your hand
As it reaches for my face
To see the fire touch your eyes
as your arms, my frame, embrace

To feel the penetrating heat
When your eyes upon me rest
And shivers travel down my spine
As your hands caress my breast

Oh how I long to feel your touch
Upon my aching skin
To feel the fire of passion burn
And my hands a-trembling

Please sate this desire burning deep
And quench my sexual thirst
Oh touch me now so I may feel
My heart about to burst

‘She’s gone, she’s gone, oh no, she’s gone!’
The man in horror screamed
His searching eyes the place did sweep
Left, right, then left again

‘Please help, she’s gone’ he cried again
His hand clutched at his throat
His tie pulled loose in one foul scoop
Then flung aside his coat

‘Whose gone?’ the woman in red dress asked
Concern creased on her face
‘My daughter’s gone!’ he screamed again
‘My little girl named Grace’

And all within the store did stop
To look around their space
For a sign of any female child
With tears upon her face

‘Don’t worry, I’m going to call the cops.’
The storekeeper did declare
But Grace’s dad ran too and fro
Too panicked to even care

And then the ding of the front door
Of the store door as it closed
Stood a little girl with bright pink top
And snowflakes on her nose

‘Look Daddy what I found outside
A kitten, cute as can be!’
And Grace’s eyes met daddy face
Begging beseechingly
~~© Bernadette~~

Do not tremble

Do not tremble, do not fear
For death itself is drawing near.
Don't be afraid and do not cry
The time has come to say goodbye.
Do not worry, please stay strong
We're here today, but tomorrow gone.
Do not be scared, I'll hold your hand
And try to help you understand.
The journey's long, we've just begun
Now everything is said and done.
There's nothing left for you to do
This day would come, of this you knew.
Don't be dismayed of the unknown
For I am here to take you home.
Do not tremble, do not fear
You're not alone, for I am here.
~~© Bernadette~~

A side glass of tea.

Bring me some food and please bring it now
For I am so hungry I'd eat a whole cow
That smell from the kitchen and it really smells good
Cause it feels likes years since I've had any food.

And just then the monster goes "Hi" in my head
This monster called Diet, I wish he was dead
He prods me and whispers this fact to my brain:
That food equals pounds on my hips I will gain.

But oh how amazing garlic potatoes would taste
Can't we forget about that extra inch on my waist
Melting chocolate right now would just be so great
Or a grilled sizzling steak, gently cooling on my plate.

But oh no, it's salad and leaves just for me
On a plate with some chicken and a side glass of tea
No sugar, no chocolate, just dumb diet food
All because of my need to look really good.
~~© Bernadette~~


Goosebumps march across my skin
As I feel my way along the floor
Desperately trying to find the door
Every surface I must explore
Of this dark room that I'm in.

He'd hurt me when he'd grabbed me
For I had not seen him there
His hand striking out, grabbing my hair
My life plunged straight into a nightmare
Fear and dread now my reality.

And then I'd smelt his stinking breath
And though I did not know his name
To him, I knew this was a game
My heart raced, and my legs went lame
And I knew this meant my death

And even though I tried to shout
My mouth would not utter a sound
And lying bleeding on the ground
There's no one to save me, no one around
It was then I felt my world fade-out

And now in the dark, as I awaken
Unconsciously shed tears dried on my face
What and where was this awful place?
And of him there appears to be no trace
Or could I be mistaken?
~~© Bernadette~~

Sun Kissed

Here she crawls across the sea
The sun, to tempt and waken me
I turn my body and face the east
And kiss goodbye the night that's ceased

You envelop me with your yellow glow
So I pack my bags, to the beach I go
To spread my towel and feel your rays
As they warm me up and brighten my days

And so I lay and softly dream
Of fluffy clouds and trickling streams
Of summers gone and more to come
Of endless pleasures in the sun

And then awaken, I dust off the sand
Head back home, warm and suntanned
And watch the sun set in the west
As the night returns to take up nest
~~© Bernadette~~

Last day

Well today I'm a little unhappy, I cannot tell a lie
I've packed the tree away and kissed Christmas goodbye
All the party snacks I've eaten and now I've gone quiet
As I contemplate a new year and the inevitable diet.

Today is the last day, I'm telling you this blows
To parade around in my PJ's with socks to warm my toes
As it's back to work tomorrow, get back into the grind
No sleeping in, no more chilling, to this I am resigned

Now I look forward to weekends, to hanging out with friends
To staying in my PJ's, until the party ends
While trying to be creative, to rhyming things this way
But today I wear my PJ's 'cause it's the final day
~~© Bernadette~~

PJ Party

You switch on the TV and look at what's there
Something about Big Brother and things we don't care
And so off to Facebook to play a few games
Or catch up on gossip and click on some names

But slowly it all seems to numb my brain
So I turn to the club and I'm happy again
The club that is fun and witty and arty
And I welcome you all to our pyjama party

We're sassy and charming and sometimes quite smart
and talk of affairs that's close to our heart
We giggle and jabber and share our ideas
Our hopes, our desires and sometimes our fears

So don't be afraid to don your pyjama's
And check out the cool and funky mamma's
Bring your coffee or wine and make yourself comfy
and let's have some fun at our pyjama party
~~© Bernadette~~


Dragging down and suffocating
Down trodden and breaking
Lonely and forsaking
Into darkness so frustrating
~~© Bernadette~~
3 July 2009


Well the lay of the land didn’t go quite as planned
When the builders came early one morning
With their hammers and trucks, backed by conglomerate bucks
To the site of the old buildings falling

As they started to hack at the old concrete track
While the engines were roaring quite loudly
And the bosses stood there, drinking coffees and stared
Holding plans they had drawn up so proudly

Showing plans of new malls and houses and stalls
Selling whatever was to your taste
For each inch of this land, and this they had planned
Would be built on with nothing to waste

But then someone cried out and then one more shout
And the builders were all running wild
What they found to their dismay, buried deep in the clay
Was the body of Debbie Rothchild

As the town watched in horror, and her parents found sorrow
At the news of this horrible find
The investors were mad, all that money gone bad
And no way out of this terrible bind

So the buildings were stopped and the project was dropped
And the conglomerates just let it be
And the lay of the land, didn’t change quite as planned
But bore witness to the death of Debbie.
~~© Bernadette~~
13 April 2008

In a Flash

Time waits for no man or so someone once said
And before you quite realise, you’re 7 years ahead

One minute you’re in the twenties, the so-called prime of life
The next you’re nearing forty, and handling teenage sibling strife.

What was once important issues, now lay down where they died
All forgotten in the path of time, in memories where they hide.

Some days I gently uncover them and shake the cobwebs off
And reminisce about good times that make me cry or laugh

But mostly I try not to think of people that I once knew
People that loved and hurt me and people that I hurt too

There is a yearning in my heart to go back there once more
To find the people I left behind and for friendships to restore

To see the fiends that I once loved and held so dear to heart
To tell them I am sorry that with time we grew apart

To tell them they mean so much to me and that I did not forget
And that losing touch with all of them is the one thing I regret
~~© Bernadette~~
12 April 2008

Daddy Dear

Tonight, I cry because I miss you
not a wail, not a sob, just a tear
as I lie on my bed thinking of you
and the memories we shared this past year.

Looking back I'm reminded of just how
things changed and of how we drew near
and I marvel at just how I'm feeling
and how much I wish you were here.

I'm amazed at how easily the distance
between us could simply disappear
and I'm thankful for the time spent together
after so many unproductive years.

Tonight, I cry because I miss you
on my pillow falls one silent tear
and I lie on my bed thinking of you
and of how much I love you, daddy dear.
~~© Bernadette~~


It sit here tonight with my pen in my hand
While my eyes are filling with tears
If only I’d find the words to describe
When I think back on all of my years.

So much harder is this, than I ever thought
So much harder than I ever believed.
To say goodbye to my family, to the ones that I love
So much harder than I ever perceived.

Oh how I love you my baby, so far, far away
I’m so happy I’ll be joining you soon
But my heart is so sad, even while I’m so happy
From these feelings, I am not immune.

So its goodbye to mommy, goodbye to daddy
And goodbye to the land of my birth,
Goodbye to family and goodbye to friends
I love you with all of my worth.

But please don’t be sad, be happy for me
My whole life is starting anew
With my man by my side, and my children with me
Past this sadness, we’ll finally break through.
~~© Bernadette~~

For my Parents

I look at you, and I feel your pain, believe me, it’s hard to say
I’m not oblivious to how you feel, in fact, I feel the same
I look at you, and all these thoughts go crashing through my head
And believe me when I tell you, I’m living in so much dread

I never ignored the realities of my actions and how it would be
And knew from the start that leaving would mean a goodbye for you and me
And yet, as prepared as I am to go away, I’m not prepared for this
And the one thing I’m dreading most of all, is the inevitable goodbye kiss

Don’t think for a minute that I don’t think of how it’s going to be
Or because I’m silent and keep on smiling, that it’s not hurting me
I look at you and see your pain, and can only look away
Because I know no words can take away the pain we’ll feel that day

I’m sorry for going so far away, I’m so sorry I’m doing this to you
I’m sorry I’m taking your grandchildren, for this I’m so sorry too
It pains me more than you will ever know but this I have to do
And it’s not like its goodbye forever, just a start of something new

But I’m not sorry for meeting this man I love, or wanting to be at his side
Mom and Dad, please understand that I’m going to be his bride
And that wanting to be together is our dream finally coming true
Please forgive that it has to be at the expense of us leaving you

Remember one thing, that no matter how far, it’s only a plane ride away
And if fate so chooses, then one day perhaps a lot closer you may come to stay
It hurts really bad and I know it will get worse, when the day comes when we say goodbye
But it isn’t forever, its only for now, so Mommy, please don’t you cry

To my parents I love you, and I thank you for all that you’ve done for me
For loving me and standing by me, so unconditionally
We all know how hard it’s going to be on the day I get on that plane
But its not forever, and I know pretty soon, we will see each other again
~~© Bernadette~~

When darkness comes

When darkness comes descending on a heart that’s filled with tears
And the days of your existence fades into forgotten years
When laughter and contentment seem alien to those
Whose minds no longer feel the joy and love no longer goes
When hope of life diminishes and hope of love is lost
When sleep is all that saves you but nightmares are the cost
When the hand of sadness tightens, paralysing you to breathe
And to close your eyes forever is all that you believe.
When memories are forgotten and despair is all that reigns
When feeling so alone and lost, in mindless empty days
When tears run rivers down your face and pools of water rise
To drown you in the blackened pit, your inevitable demise.
I’ve no advise or words to give to heal your damaged heart
No tenderness, nor love to give, nor help with a new start
The blanket of confusion, of aimless hopeless dread
Must lift from me before I speak wise words upon your head.
~~© Bernadette~~

We mourn

The world stands in horror and looks to the west
In utter disbelief and dismay
A sadness that spreads like a cloud in the sky
And rains down on this terrible day

We watch as the city is plunged into shock
As its people lie buried and lost
We cry as we witness the horror unfold
And with their lives, paid the ultimate cost

Unbelieving as the mighty come tumbling down
Leaving debris strewn all around
And as billows of smoke turn the day into night
Fallen buildings lie burnt to the ground

We weep for a country so senselessly attacked
Our world, a safe haven no more
For the ones who committed this crime of pure hate
Leaves us sickened and shocked to the core

A world cry’s in sorrow and turns to the west
As the reality hits us like a wave
And we mourn for the people that live in the land
Of the free and the home of the brave.
~~© Bernadette~~


Barren land, where are your dreams?
They came and they destroyed.
They took your heart and raped it
And with your soul they toyed.

Oh barren land, your people
Are crying out in pain.
The system you must live by,
Is now your tears and shame

Oh barren land, you’re starving
Your livestock slain and killed.
Your growing fields forgotten
The blood of your farmers spilled

Oh barren land I hear you.
I hear your calls and cries
I see the total chaos
And I watch as your heart dies.
~~© Bernadette~~

Come closer

My baby, come closer and show me your face
Come closer and touch me and fill up this place
Take my hand and walk with me and don’t let me go
And we’ll be together, forever, I know.

My baby, look up and know that I care
Look up and remember I’ll always be there
To love you, to hold you and show you my love
Our lives fit completely, as if like a glove.

My baby, come closer and don’t look away
For I am here today and forever to stay
Though the miles may be many, and the road sometimes hard
The miles that’s been covered, we cannot discard

My baby, don’t worry, for soon we will be
Together, forever, as its meant to be
Come closer, embrace me and put on a smile
Though apart for the moment, ‘tis only for a while.
~~© Bernadette~~

A love story

This is the story of a woman who found love in cyberspace
She hadn’t gone looking, and wished it had been some other place
A party maybe, or at work, or perhaps even on the street
Would have been better, than spend hours on the net each night to meet.

She met him one summers day, as the holidays were dawning
She tried to talk to him, but his cockiness was met without warning.
Alright she thought, I wont talk with him anymore
And hit the exit to leave the room, as if finding a door.

But he wrote her an email about something she had written on her page
A webpage of poems, a journal of her trials as she aged.
And sceptically she wondered what this man might be up to
But replied none the less, and that’s when her life started anew.

They spent hours talking, of things such as life, love and such
And pretty soon this girl realized her heart had turned to mush.
She tried so hard to stop it, from falling in love on the net
With a faceless man that she had not yet even met.

But as the days turned to weeks, and they both realized their fate
There was nothing they could do, but meet each other and wait
To see if this love that had happened across the miles on the net
Could be as alive in real life, or something they should forget.

So, across many thousands of miles she did travel to him
To be with the man who had captured her heart like a sin.
And when they met, they both saw, this love was still real
And more determined than ever to make it work they did feel.

He asked her to marry, and with tears in her eyes she said yes
But of the long, hard road ahead, they could not even guess.
So in love and content, but as would be, their time came to an end
And she had to come home, a broken heart left to mend.

She longed for her lover, so alone and so lost without him
But swore that together, eventually and ultimately they would be.
He, as determined, kept the sanity in days that were bad
When the hurt of separation, threatened to drive both of them mad.

Months later, he packed his bags and came to see her this time
The loneliness and missing each other, locked away like a crime
For together, they were happy, as it was meant to be
Their love obvious, arms around each other, for anyone to see.

The quiet moments, the sad moments, knowing it would soon be over
When time cruelly told them, he’d have to return without his lover.
And he did, and their hearts both shattered and torn again
But knowing, that the home stretch ahead they would win.

This is a love story of two people who both know what they have
That nothing is impossible, if they are holding each other’s hand
That against all odds, they will survive, and together they will be
When all the paper work is over, and all the waiting sets them free.
~~© Bernadette~~

My Heart

Where are you, oh heart, devoid of trust and faith and hope?
You stand exposed to those you love
Yet torture them with fear
You yearn for love, you yearn for trust
Yet push away those who come near

What happened oh heart, to make you turn from the ones that promised hope?
Oh heart, you stand like icy stone
Yet burning with desire
The walls too high, the walls too thick
The battle lost, a dying fire.

Let go oh heart, and allow the blanket of trust to envelope you
Let go oh heart, and allow yourself to drown
Celebrate the death of insecurity
Celebrate the death of mistrust
Celebrate the rise to truth and unconditional unity

Come here oh heart and let me hold you close
Let me show you what its all about
What happened, oh heart, to make you mistrust me so?
Allow the innocence of untainted love to take over
Come closer oh heart, and never let me go.
~~© Bernadette~~

Words are words

Words are words, or so some say to those they won’t believe
Words are words, and nothing more, if trying to deceive
Words mean nothing, to no one, when not coming from the heart
And words could soon destroy a love by pulling it apart

Words mean nothing when no matter what is said is lost
To those who refuse to believe in them no matter what the cost
Words are lost to those that do not give their love complete
And lost to those who do not trust and to those they do mistreat

How long can I keep saying words when you don’t want to hear?
How long can I keep holding on, when you won’t pull me near?
How long can ours, a love so pure, survive the test of time?
When all you say, are ‘words are words’ and all I do is try.
~~© Bernadette~~

Timeless Memories

He was old as he shuffled along the road.
His bones a testament to his years.
His left leg, the weaker, seemed stiffer today,
And his hat, pulled down low over his ears.

The stones in the road seemed sharper today
As if trying to endanger his path.
He stepped with great care, his eyes on the ground.
Not a smile on his lips, not a laugh

And slowly he walked, his stick at his side
It’s presence, an encouraging thought.
His body so frail, held up by a stick
But all those years could never be bought.

Then he came to the point, the end of the road,
Where it dropped down deep into the sea.
The sound of the waves, as it hit against the walls,
Leaning over, he tried harder to see.

He had to be careful. To fall would be easy
Leaning on the stick, he placed firmly in the ground.
Then he took in the beauty, the majesty of the water,
Smelt the air, and felt the breeze all around.

And then for a moment, his eyes he did close
And remembered how things used to be.
A smile on his lips, appeared in a flash
When he thought of his beautiful Marie.

How she’d laughed when she ran, how her eyes would light up
When she dug her hands into the sand on the beach.
How they’d walked hand in hand, as two lovers do
Making promises they swore they would keep.

That was a time he remembered, as if engraved in his heart
When his life seemed to be at its best.
The love that they made. The magic they had shared.
That it would end, who would ever have guessed?

And now, as he stood, peering over the edge
He wondered how things would have been,
Could he have loved someone else, like the way he loved her.
Would it have mattered, had he not touched her skin

No legacy to pass, no children he had,
No grandkids to sit on his knee.
No dreams of the future, no hope of new love,
They had died with the death of Marie.

Then he turned to go home, the stick aiding him,
His body protesting in pain.
Watching stones on the ground. Taking care not to fall,
Knowing that he would return once again.
~~© Bernadette~~


She sighed as she looked out into the night
Her world empty, and barren, and lost
The walls of frustration, encircling her mind
Realizing the ultimate cost

She cried as she looked at a picture of him
The longing for him so intense
And knowing that time was no friend of hers now
And logic, her only defence

She wept for her lover, so far, far away
Her life, a prison sentence to complete
This love she had found, so profound, so unique
Yet knowing all the odds they would beat

She sighed as she looked at her world all around
And knew it was no longer for her
So much to accomplish, so much left to do
But how to go on, was a blur

But she smiled because she knew all things came to pass
And her lover she would again see
And in his arms, she knew she would lie
forever, because fate meant it to be
~~© Bernadette~~

Have you ever

Have you ever loved so much, you thought your heart would break?
Have you missed someone so bad, you mind began to ache?
Have you held onto the memory of moments lived in bliss?
Have you ever felt the pain, for someone that you missed?

If I could find the words, to express this utter pain
I'd write them on this page, and then i'd try explain
If I could be with you, each moment I would treasure
Because loving you is something, i'll be holding on forever

Have you ever wanted something, so much you'd give your world?
To be with the one you love, to treasure and to hold
These tears can form a river, this love can break your heart
But I promise you my darling, we will not stay apart
~~© Bernadette~~


Unthinkable thoughts
Untouchable desires
Unassuming beginnings
Unstoppable fires
Unforgettable days
Unimaginable nights
Unmistakable bliss
Unthinkable heights
Undeniably the fact
The uncertainty thereof
And uncompromising the future
Of unbridled love
~~© Bernadette~~

I Want

I want to cry, I want to scream, I want, I don't quite know.
I want this all to surround me, a million ways I want to show.
I want this divine ecstasy to take me all the way
I want so much to tell you, I want, I want to say,
I want, I want to tell you, I want so bad to tell
You of the way I’m feeling, how badly I have fell.
If poetry could explain, in words of how I feel,
I want, I want to say it, and maybe yet I will.
If words could just come flowing, if somehow there was a way
I want so much to find them , I want you to hear me say.
I want to say "I love you", I want you to know my heart.
I want, I want so badly, for us to never part.
I want what I have now, I want with every pore.
I want your arms around me, now and forever more.
~~© Bernadette~~

Across so many miles

“I love you” she whispered as she put down the phone and looked out into the dark, empty night.
Her hands in her hair, she pondered and stared at the moon as it cast yellow light

Across rooftops and trees, across sky lights she gazed as her heart seemed to reach out to him
Across so many miles that the oceans divide, to the place that his presence did fill.

Then she turned from the window, cast her glance to the wall, wiped a lone tear as it slid down her cheek
Awaiting one final message, one final goodbye, from her lover before she could sleep.

And then as she heard it, her phone purring softly, the message she’d longed for was there.
She smiled as she read it. He hadn’t forgotten and her eyes closed knowing he cared.

Their destinies were certain, their love was not questioned, they both knew that this was for real.
And soon time would show them, no distance would beat them, and their arms round each other they’d feel
~~© Bernadette~~

It is

It’s hot, it sears, it excites and it pains
It confuses, it hurts, it tantalizes the brain
It uplifts, it inspires, its tempts and can tease
And holds on so tightly, begging to please

It taunts and torments, holds hostage and deceives
It surrenders you helpless, that you cannot leave
It wrenches your heart, leaves it exposed on the ground
Then picks it up with such tenderness, like a jewel that’s been found

It humbles, it amazes, it allows the heart to take flight
It captures the essence of a thousand moonlit nights
It is all these things that love means to me
And I wait, arms outstretched, allowing it to be
~~© Bernadette~~

Show me

You have shown me love, you have shown me light
You have shown me that I can
You have shown me that perhaps things work
All according to a plan
You have taught me life’s sweet mystery
Shown me the beauty of the day
You have taken me to the pinnacle
Of the desires I contain
You have shown me what I thought was lost
Made me believe once more in fate
You have shown me, that with all these things
Nothing is too late
You have shown me once more to believe
In a love buried far and deep
You have taught me that forever
Is a certainty I will reap.
~~© Bernadette~~


Such deep emotions rule my heart
It’s difficult to explain
You fill me with such sweet longing
Totally obliterating the pain.
Your warmth, your love it leads me
To heights never before achieved
The emotions that overwhelm me
So much more than I believed.
No words could ever comprehend
This love I have for you
No words could ever quite express
These emotion’s deep and true.
Feeling’s like a roller coaster
Crashing headlong into my heart
Mixed tears of pain and loving
Knowing we will never part.
~~© Bernadette~~

In you

In you I see the splendour of valley’s blue and deep
Of oceans not yet conquered
Of memories to keep

In you I see the mystery, my heart so longs to feel
Of nights draped in shadows
Of secrets to reveal

In you I see the wonder of beauty real and true
Like snowflakes on a leaf tip
Like early morning dew

In you I’ve come to realize, untold treasures I have found
Like pearls deep in the oceans
And scattered diamonds on the ground.
~~© Bernadette~~


If all we could see was only the black
Of our lives as we stand, always looking back
If all that we saw was only the night
Where darkness surrounds you and blocks out the light
If living is dictated by heart sore and hate
Regret for the past, always thinking its too late
If life is a burden of feelings of despair
Then perhaps it is time, to move forward if you dare.

It's a road, your walking, filled with emptiness and strife
Don't you know, there's much more, to this dead pointless life?
If we could look up, see what life has to give
Filled with promises of love, so much life left to live
If we could look deep into our souls then we'd see
Looking back's not the answer, but looking forward, that's the key
It's a long road this road, many travels I have had
It once more embraces me. I need only hold out my hand.
~~© Bernadette~~

For fear...

For no other reason except for the doubt
that clouds up your mind and won't let you out
For no other reason except for the fear
that eats up your mind and won't let you near
If these aren’t your reasons then tell me today
did you even care when you turned away?
~~© Bernadette~~

If only for a moment

If Father Time could come to me, and ask me what I wished,
I know without a doubt in mind what would be on top of my list.
I wouldn't ask for time to save all the money that I can
I wouldn't beg for one more day to finish what I had planned.

These things are all important, but most important now to me,
Is to take back things I've said and done to those unintentionally.
If only for a moment, Father Time, I would ask you,
To take back time I've spent doing things I knew I should not do.

I wouldn't ask for time to get the job at work complete.
Or time to reach the target that they set for me to meet.
I'd ask that you take back the time I've spent unproductively
And I'll use it on the things I know are more important now to me.
~~© Bernadette~~

White walls

White walls around me, surround me still
Can you look over and see me within?
Can you play the Master, the breaker of this wall?
Or do I stay forever and wonder if it will fall?

Is there any question or doubt in you're mind
That these walls around me, is what keeps me blind?
Maybe if we stop awhile, we'll see that it is true
That somewhere out, behind these walls the sun is shining through.

It's calling me, I hear my name, "My friend come take my hand.
Let me be the one right now, to show you the Promised Land."
It could take forever, or it could take a day
But hidden behind these white walls, I know I will not stay.
~~© Bernadette~~

I don’t know

The bitter pill, the wine, the song,
How long can I go on?
This feeling that you're out of reach
I wonder, do we belong?
The silent nights, the empty days,
Could this all be my fate?
Is it you, the one I love?
Or is it me I hate?
~~© Bernadette~~

Not so impossible

It could take the sands of time to heal the mind
It could take the northern cross to guide the blind
It could take a sun kissed day to dry the dew
But it only takes my heart to lead me to you

It could take a mountain range to divide the land
It could take the smallest gesture to hold a hand
It could take a star filled night to realize a dream
But it only takes a moment for our love to begin

It could take the cry of a baby to end a war
It could take just a knock to open a door
It could take only a second to start a life anew
But it would take an eternity to fall out of love with you.
~~© Bernadette~~

Bleeding heart

There’s a stake through my heart and its burning like fire
There’s a time to give up, end this burning desire
All the words that I said, coming straight from my heart
Wish I'd never said them, never knew we would part.

There’s a stake through my heart and it's crying in pain
I feel hurt, I feel used, I feel lonely again.
You said you've tried but you cannot let go it seems
Of the memory of her, as she still haunts your dreams.

There’s a stake through my heart which is twisted and hurt
Crying tears of goodbye as it lies in the dirt
Need to get up once more, dust myself off again
Need to look forward and remember, what is love without pain?
~~© Bernadette~~

To Late

The shimmering light illuminates my room
The sound of your voice, coming out of the gloom
I know its too soon
I know I should wait
Before giving my love up to this uncharted fate.

If I could do things differently I reckon I would
If I could love another, I know that I should
I know its too soon
I know I should wait
But loving you has happened, can't stop it, it's too late.

The sound of your voice echo's in my mind
Your loving words, your soft heart, your mannerisms so kind
I know its too soon
I know I should wait
My heart, has its own mind, you cannot negotiate.

You’re the inspiration in my life, the sun in my heart
Your whole life I feel, I have become a part
Though I know its too soon
And I know I should wait
I’m sorry, but I love you, can't stop it, it's too late.
~~© Bernadette~~

The end and the beginning

There’s no turning back, there’s no room for regret
Reminds me sometimes of the first time we met
And although our paths have crossed, it now seems to me
Two beautiful children were meant to be.

And as I say goodbye, on this cold Friday night
I know we can do this without a fight
We both know that things do come to an end
We've tried yet our marriage, we could not amend.

You will go your way, and I will go mine
There's nothing ahead now, except maybe time
And as I go forward on this path that I chose
A chapter in my life, I will now close.

I smile, and I lift my head to the light
For I know the day is dawning, its no longer night
I know I am loved, by many its true
And I smile as I reach my hand out to you.
~~© Bernadette~~


Evermore Evil said...

Woo, look, a comment! Lovely stuff here, Bernie. Some very melancholy writing here, love it!

Bernadette Davies said...

Thanks to you I have a comment box in here! It's as it should be that you are the first to leave one :)

Sarah said...

found your blog through the once upon a time writing contest (just added my entry)and although I've only read a few your poems I just wanted to say how moving they are. Poetry is such a great way of expressing our deepest emotions, you keep writing and I will keep reading! x

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words Sarah. I'm glad you have enjoyed reading the poetry. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Stranger, your a dark horse these poems are fantastic. The on e to your parents actually made me cry! Laura X

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you Laura, for not only reading, but leaving a comment too. I am glad you enjoyed them and pleased that you were moved by 'To my Parents'. After I read your comment, I scrolled up and re-read it again and cried myself :) x