Saturday, 3 March 2012

First Feature

A few weeks back a friend of mine asked if I would do a poem for her blog where she could feature me and link back to mine. I was immensely flattered and pondered for weeks about what kind of poem to do. I won't lie, I did feel quite stressed about it, she is a published author (her first novel has recently been released) and naturally I wanted to make sure that I gave her something that she would be pleased with and wouldn't hesitate putting on her website. In the end, I gave her 3 to choose from and today, my first feature blog went live. I have asked Jane to do a feature for me and when I post it, I will tell you much more about her and her amazing novel, but for now, please follow this link to check out the piece she has posted: Caffiene's not a crime

While there, please leave any comments and do look around her blog and website, and as always, I would love any feedback here too.



Jane Isaac said...

As you know, I have been a huge fan of your work forever, so I'm honoured to have your wonderful poem on my blog. Thanks so much:)

Bernadette Davies said...

It was totally my pleasure. Thank you so much for asking, 'twas truly an honour for me :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Bernadette. Am really proud of you.


Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you mommykins xoxox