Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Anybody Listening?

I don't want to make this blog too much like my original website, but there are some things on there that I just cannot help reposting as I loved them so much at the time and still do today.  Below is a poem that I posted way back in April 2000. I remember hearing it one day when I was a young teenager, on a cassette my parent's had me listen to (don't ask) and I do not know who the original author is, but I think the message it gives is very potent and still relevant. It didn't come with a title, so I have given it my own.

Anybody Listening?

So now little man your tired of grass
LSD, acid cocaine and hash
Someone pretended to be a true friend
Said i'll introduce you to Miss Herione

Well honey before you start fooling with me
Just let me inform you on how it will be
For I will seduce you and make you my slave
For i've sent much stronger than you to their grave

You'll swindle your mother and just for a buck
You'll turn into something vile and currupt
You'll mug and you'll steal for my narcotic charm
And feel contentment when i'm in your arms

The day your realize the monster you've grown
You'll solemly promise to leave me alone
And if you think you've got the mysticle knack
Then sweetie just try getting me off your back

The vomit, the cramps, your gut tied in a knot
The jingling nerves screaming for just one more shot
The hot chills, the cold sweat, the withdrawel pains
Can only be saved by my little white grains

There's no other way, there's no need to look
For deep down inside, you'll know when your hooked
You'll run desperately to the pusher and then
You'll welcome me back in your arms once again

And when you return just as I have fortold
I know that you'll give me your body and soul
You'll give up your morals, your conscience and your heart
And you will be mine, until death us do part.
~~Author Unknown~~


Evermore Evil said...

Chilling. Beatiful, but chilling. And also very true. Thanks for sharing! :)

Bernadette Davies said...

thanks for commenting and I am glad you enjoyed it. Its still one of my faves after years and years :)

Jane Isaac said...

What a powerful poem, Bernadette. Thanks for sharing:)