Friday, 24 February 2012

Princess of Decay - Featuring Cory Eadson

Ever since my journey over to Twitter I've discovered many talented people.  In most cases, not only are they talented poets, authors and amazing bloggers, they are also witty, funny, incredibly wonderful people.  One of these that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know is a guy called Cory Eadson.  His passion for everything 'Doctor Who' as well as his penchent for things from the dark side has me laughing out loud at most of his tweets.  The other night, I had the priviledge to see one of his poems which he emailed over to me.  I was BLOWN away.  The more I kept saying 'Cory, this is so good'. The more he laughed me off and actually called me 'Daft' at one stage.
Anyway, I thought it was so good I asked him if I could post it here and lucky for me, he said yes.  If you are on Twitter and you are not following @Evermore_Evil then you really need to Follow ASAP!  Also, he is the fastest blogger I have ever met.  Having only started his blog about 3 or so days ago, he probably has more postings in it by now than I have on mine! I've never known anyone to blog so fast.  So for all things 'Dr Who', for more poetry, film reviews and more, please visit his blog here: Morgue of Intrigue

Ok, I'll stop, because knowing him, I will only start embarressing him if I continue to stroke his ego as I am doing, so without further ado, here it is:

Pricess of Decay
October twilight;
A hissing death rattle
Dances through
The brittle ribcage woodland-
Skeleton trees shivering
In the chilling gaze of the moon.

My heart stills,
As I find your place
In this natural necropolis.
A pile of festering
Leaves and twigs-
Dead rainbow colours
Bathed in yellow moonlight.
The putrefying remains
Pulsate and shuffle,
Like a late thing
Brought back to life.
And then you rise,
Rise upwards from the
Putrefaction -
You, the Princess of Decay.

You, with your long, mottled hair,
Like dead leaves clinging desperately
To a near-naked tree.
You, with those hollow brown eyes
That see more than any human.
You, with that smile,
Like a pine-cone opening slowly:
Beautiful, but with sharp edges.

Any whispered words are lost
On the eternal, sweeping wind,
But words are unimportant.
You take my hand
(With cold, cold fingers)
And take me deeper into
The crisp heart
Of this necropolis forest...
Deeper and deeper we go,
The crunching of leaves and twigs
Beneath your bare-feet
Almost drowned by my
Roaring heart.
I want to ask you so many things,
But I am numb from curiosity...
And perhaps even love?

As we reach a moonlit clearing,
And you gaze up at me
With those owlish eyes
And that impossible smile,
I understand.
Of course I love you,
A weary, lost soul saved
By the Princess of Decay.
And as our icy lips connect,
I know our destiny lies
In eternal Autumn.
You and I,
Rotting together

Please leave your comments (if you are so inclined) and let him know what you think of this.

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Jane Isaac said...

Wow, Cory. This is incredibly powerful stuff. Really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing:)