Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The other day, I briefly mentioned reading amazing books by an author that I had just discovered.  I really like that...I like it when I find a new artist that I've not heard before, or a new author that I fall in love with and have loads and loads of either Cd's to get or books to read.  I was like that about Muse and Snow Patrol to mention the first two names of music groups that come to mind, and I was like that with Shaun Hutson and...many years ago, Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  I feel a little bit like that about James Patterson....he isn't the most brilliant author I've ever read, but for quick, fun reads, he is pretty good.  Anyway, my point is, about 2 weeks ago, I saw a huge banner at Victoria station in Manchester advertising a writer I had not heard of before.  I'll be honest, in this case, I really did judge the book by its cover.  It was fresh and caught my eye and as I stood waiting for the Met to come along, I strained to read the writing that was on the book.  What I saw, looked interesting, but I had never heard of the author before. Her name is Rosamund Lupton.  Luckily, the invention of the Kindle is now behind us and doubly lucky for me, I have one, so, I quickly went and downloaded a sample of her first novel, 'Sister' and got to reading.  The rest, as they say is history.

Rosamund Lupton has written only two books that I could find. Her first one 'Sister' delves into the relationship between two sisters and follows the story of one sister, Beatrice who is desperately trying to find her missing sister Tess.  The story is fast paced, with twist after twist after unbelievable twist. I totally loved it and recommended it to a friend who has since told me she cannot stop reading it either.

Next, I read 'Afterwards', her second novel which also deals with relationships, this time between a mother (Grace) and teenage daughter (Jenny).  The story is about a fire that breaks out in a school where the daughter is trapped inside and the mother, whose viewpoint the story is written, runs inside to save her...and what happens afterwards.  I could sit here and tell you all about it, but that would spoil things.  All I can say, is as much as I loved 'Sister', I loved 'Afterwards' more.  As much as 'Sister' gave me goosebumps on the last page, 'Afterwards' made me want to cry.

I can highly recommend these books, and truly, if you want to treat yourself, do download to your kindle or whatever ebook reader you have, or purchase a copy of the book.  Its absolutely amazing. The only thing that I am sad about, is that there isn't more of them!  I wish she had started writing 10 years ago so that there was another one just waiting for me to read. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

There...look at me with my book review!  I'm so ganna post this link on Rosamund Lupton's fan page...or attempt to :)


ps...I never intended to do a book review on my blog, but I was sat here thinking about what I could write and that's what popped into my head :p


Heidi said...

O my word...why don't you start writing? You have a way with words as only "writers" have :)

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you so very much Heidi! xxx

Jane Isaac said...

Wonderful post, Bernadette. Loved these books and Lupton is definitely one to watch! I love the way you put it. If I hadn't read them - I would be heading out to the bookstores right now:)

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you so much Jane for the lovely words. I just love it when I discover someone new and am treated to such great stories :) x