Friday, 1 April 2011


So its April 1st.  I remember back (way back) when this date used to cause me slight giddiness when thinking of the tricks I could play on my friends.  I also remember once how a school mate of mine, offered me a sandwich during lunch break which had plastic as the filling.  I wonder if she still remembers that?

Anyway, April 1st 2011 and I spent the day at home.  Friday day off, always a good thing, but the day was another grey one - with intermittent showers - and I didn't do anything special with it.  My daughter is the one in a giddy mood today. Probably because she and her boyfriend are celebrating their 1st anniversary.  Scary that, how times flies.

I have no words of profoundness tonight.  I'll be heading off soon to my usual evening hang out (those that know me well will know what that is) but just wanted to write something as it has been a few days.  Perhaps I shouldn't be putting pressure on myself to write something all the time (I do think about it a lot since I set this up) but rather just write when I have something important to say.  Yes, perhaps I will do that.

Anyway, Happy April Fools day :)


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