Tuesday, 5 April 2011


So the cool thing about blogging...I don't know if its this blog in particular, or all blogs, is that you can track hits and the whereabouts of those hits to your page.  So far, I've had an incredible 15 page views (not mine coz I've had mine discounted) and all the hits are from South Africa and New Zealand...so, a wild guess here would be that Mommykins and either brother or sis-in-law  in NZ have had a peek. 
My point is, if you've come here and if you've been interested, please do 'follow' the blog.  Only coz I think that would be really cool and I would feel ever so popular! And coz I would know who you are too :)

I debated for a few days about whether I was going to advertise this page or not.  Then asked myself what was the point in having a blog and not sharing it with anyone.  I'm not exactly shouting it from the rooftops...nor will I...at least not for now, but if you have happened across this page, it's because you were looking at my info page on Facebook.  That thought in itself makes me feel somewhat happy coz someone out there was bothered enough to look. 

Oh these little things we need to make us feel better about ourselves...



hipster_uk said...

I took a peek

Bernadette Davies said...

:) indeed you did...now, you could always try press the 'Be the First' to follow buttom?