Monday, 28 March 2011


So today is Monday. Weekend over and the start of another week at that wonderful place called work.  Yeah, I'm obviously taking the piss.....

For the first time this year, I took off my coat on my way home.  These are good times.  There is nothing more amazing (well there probably is...but you get my meaning) than that feeling you get when you realise the summer is on its way and the blossoms start appearing.  When Spring has sprung.  Being a safa, I'm usually one of the last people at work that will comment on the good weather, usually, I'm the one pulling my face and telling them they are all mad when they say its spring.  But, today, I had to agree.  However, as this is Manchester, the sun will probably disappear tomorrow and the usual grey and wet, that is Manchester as we know and sometimes love it, will return.  I'll let you know how that goes.

So anyway, there is a lot I want to say here....though, I'm not so sure how or where to start.  Let me just say that my head is in a completely wrong place at the moment.  Where that place is, I do not know, but its a dark and morbid place and I would very much like for it to come back up for air.  How do you pull your head out of the mire?

I've no idea.  I'm hoping doing this blog will help.

Oh...also the fact that I've been reading a book by a guy in the London Ambulance Service that used to blog everything he did and clearly got a bit of a fan club.  Yes, I'm reading the book, not the I'm guessing he must have got quite a bit of attention. 


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