Thursday, 5 April 2012

Streaking light

So my good friend Cory Eadson and I have recently started setting each other challenges.  I'm not sure if this is in poetry only, though I feel we should include short stories in this (hint hint Cory) where we give each other a topic and need to write something on it.  I challenged him first - told him to do something warm and fuzzy and he met the challenge with this: I Love You which I am sure you will have to admit is brilliant!  He in turn, told me to do something on 'Meteor Shower', and here it is

Streaking Light

Flashing over, blinking light
Streaking through the empty night
From where you come or where you go
I can truly say I do not know

A hint of promise, a hint of fate
it leaves me breathless, but yet I wait
to wish upon a shooting star
and find the perfect one by far.

And as the lights streak through the sky
I touch my face and dry my eye
and dream that I will feel the power
of hope that's promised by a meteor shower.


Evermore Evil said...

*Breathless* That, Bernadette, is a thing of beauty! I cannot believe you belted it out in such a short timeframe!

The hope, the promise, the sheer wonder of a meteor shower is conveyed brilliantly in this piece.

This poem is a little slice of perfection, and is quite possibly my favourite poem of yours so far. Thank you for rising to the challenge, and thank you even more for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Well done Bernadette. It is very good. Mxxxx