Monday, 30 January 2012


When I first started doing this blog, the intention thereof was to jot down my thoughts and my feelings about things that were important or that meant something to me. I am not sure about how things work for you, but for me, the mere effort to get things written (typed) down on paper/screen does absolute wonders for me. It's as if I unburden myself of whatever is bothering me, and normally, the sad/upset feelings go away until another day.  Obviously, one needs to deal with some things directly and simple blogging won't take care of everything, but for a way to put things into prospective, this is it for me.

When I first created this blog, I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Yes, I wanted people to read it, but in a way, I knew some things I said here would be personal.  The question of just how much I wanted to share often came up and I have found myself often moving the boundaries.  There are those close to me, who, initially I would not have wanted to read my rantings, but after a while I realised that this was me, warts and all.  So what you see here, is what you get from me.  No hiding.

But how much is too much information?  Where do you draw the line?  I follow quite a few blogs, some of them personal, some of them marketing their work.  Everyone has their own reason for blogging.  As I said before, I use mine to put down in words what I feel.  But what if the reader of this blog could potentially be hurt by something that I've written?  Some things are meant to be private, like a diary, but this has become in a way, my diary, yet I do bulk at some of the things I sometimes have a huge need to blog about.

I guess, I could create another one?  Somewhere only I know about?  But why put something on the Internet that you want to remain private?  Nothing is ever private or hidden if its on the World Wide Web.  So, maybe I should start a written diary?  Something with a lock and key?! 

I am really not liking that idea at all.  

So, tell me please - you, reader - reading this right now, how much is too much information?  Or should this be the place where I lay my soul bare as was my original intention? And take the praise and sometimes, the punches that may come from that?



Gary said...

I am trying to think how I should word this.If you post something without thinking about it and after posting it you have no butterflies in your stomach then its ok.If you have to think about something before you post it that might be borderline.If its a 50/50 yea or nay before you post it then I think that might be to personal

Gary said...

I think if u feel ok with it I can c nothing wrong.I rather enjoy it as a reader on

Gary said...

well it is saying gary said but this is Bonny

Jane Isaac said...

Hey Bernadette!
Very honest of you, Honey. As a relative newcomer to my own blog I share your concerns.
Perhaps you should aim to post what you yourself are comfortable with?
That way people will follow or unfollow as they please. People come and go - but some will always remain.