Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pajama Club

I may, or I may not have mentioned before that I am a co-author on another blog called the Pyjama Club.  It's a blog that a number of lovely ladies and myself write short articles and poetry about things that are important to us.  We also have a theme week and will then write something on the nominated topic.  The topic this week was pets, and I've just done one on my dog Roxie. I am linking back to it if you want to read it, and perhaps read some of the other great pieces done.  Read it here 'Unconditional Love'

I set myself a to-do list this weekend.  One was to finish off a poem I was doing for Jane Isaac as she has asked me to guest blog for her. (I cannot tell you how honoured I was to be asked that!) and I can now tick that off as done.  I'm not sure if she will like the poem, but I have given her an opt out if she needs it, (I have literally turned myself inside out doing that one!) but if it does get published I will link back to her site.

Secondly was to do a blog posting.   I am doing that right now and have done the one for PJ's.
And thirdly was to finish Jane Isaac's novel 'An Unfamiliar Murder'.  Now, unless I walk away from this computer right now and switch on my kindle, I will not be able to finish it today.  I am only about 20% of the way through, and I have to be honest, I am plenty surprised by how much I am enjoying it.  I'll review the book once I'm done.  At which time, I will rave about it and this very exciting up and coming novelist. 

So, I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad?  I know I really ought to do more blogging.  Its not that I don't think about it, I do.  And once I sit myself down in front of the PC and start typing, the words just flow freely.  But I am so easily distracted by things such as Twitter and TV series and whatever, that its something I have to physically make myself do.  
Like most people, I can be emotional.  And I always find that I do my best work when I'm morbid or emotionally upset about something.  When I'm happy etc, its just that little bit harder.  I'll try sort it out!


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Rod Tyson said...

Looking forward to your guest blog Bernadette, well done :) As for Twitter distraction. -You've reminded me, I need to get some writing done...:P