Sunday, 27 March 2011

And so it starts

Ive written, on and off for quiet a few years, but not so much in the last few, and to be honest, I do miss it.  For me, there has never been anything more therapeutic than writing my feelings, my ideas, my thoughts down and reading them back to myself.  Nothing has ever been able to put things into perspective more quickly for me than that, so I do wonder sometimes, why I haven't written in so long, nor why I didn't miss it more than I did?

I've done the odd page or two on the website.  A few years ago i wrote my own website which was also all about me, but was focused around a particular time in my life.  I kept that page up for 2 years and ended it when I moved to the UK.  I revisited it in 2008 and started another, but sadly, didn't stick to it.  I don't know if i will stick to this either, but I guess, time will tell.

So, this is where it all starts again.  I'll try to add to it regularly, and hopefully get totally into it and hopefully, you, the reader, will come back and enjoy and comment.

We'll see

Bx are the links to the websites I was referring to.  Read at your own risk.
My first one: A Journey
my second one: A Journal

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