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Yesterday's Gone Season Two - by Sean Sean Platt and David W. Wright - A review

Yesterday's Gone: Season TwoYesterday's Gone: Season Two by Sean Platt
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You know how it is, when one day, you happen across an excellent TV series that you didn't know was there, or, after your friends and colleagues rave about something they have been watching on TV and you finally cave to see what all the fuss is about and you realise, 5 minutes into it, this is one of those that is going to hook you? You know how great it feels when you happen along a brilliant TV series (think Lost, Walking Dead, Fringe to mention but a few) and realise you have a shed load of episodes to immerse yourself in, ones where, at the end of each cliff hanging episode you can just press next on your remote control and keep watching until an entire weekend has gone by or you finally reach the end and want to throw the remote at the TV out of pure frustration because you DO NOT want to wait until the next episode is aired to see what happens next? Well, that is what you get with the 'Yesterday's Gone' series.
What a clever idea this is! Though I admit, I was not aware of this until recently, so I was not one of those eagerly awaiting the next 'episode' to download but have hungrily devoured the first two series in their entirety and am now on season three, but I know I am going to be screaming with frustration when I come to the end of it and am not sure if I will wait for the entire season four to download it (which is more my style) or if I will be unable to wait and end up downloading each episode. Time will tell I guess on that front.
Yesterday's done is a cleverly written, nail biting epic that will grab you by the throat and transport you to another world. If you are into post-apocalyptic, survival of the fittest, twist and turns around ever corner kind of genres then this is for you. I found with this book, the authors have taken a little bit of inspiration from some of my favourite books and TV programmes, have meshed them together to create a story which is almost like 'The Best Bits' of each and delivered it to me so I may feast. And feast on it I am.
The writing is fast paced and the characters are well written. I have a love-hate relationship with all of them, and Sean and David have not been afraid to kill of my favourite ones, leaving me wanting to scream at them, but at the same time eagerly reading on to the next 'episode' to see just how they will go on from there and to not be disappointed.
I have devoured the first two seasons and will most definitely devour season three.
I have talked about this in the office and have smiled at the looks on my colleagues faces when I talk about episode this and season that and note the confusion on their faces when they realise I am talking about a book and not a TV series but I know, intrigue alone will get some of them to buy this and then I know, they too will be addicted.
I have also read Z2134 prior to this and will certainly be reading more from these two authors. I love the topics they write about, all very current and trendy right now and I believe they are pioneers in a new market that will surely take off like wildfire.
Well done boys.

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