Saturday, 9 June 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award - woot! Go me!

Its always lovely when you find out that you have been nominated for a blogger award so I was thrilled yesterday to find out I had been nominated by the incredible Jane Isaac for the 'Beautiful Blogger Award'. Check out her amazing blog here: Caffeine's not a crime and while you are at it, find out why she is such an amazing author by downloading/buying her debut novel that is causing quite a stir. An Unfamiliar Murder.

Now, as part of the award, I have to tell you 7 things about myself and nominate 7 bloggers to share this award with. Here goes:

  1. I'm accident prone. If someone is going to fall down, it's probably me.
  2. I’m a Titanic fanatic
  3. I’ve got a very strange fascination with serial killers and devour everything there is to know about them.
  4. I am short and usually sit with my legs tucked in under me on the computer chair because my feet don't reach the floor.
  5. I'm age phobic (whoa!!! I bet nobody knew that!)
  6. Purple is my favourite colour.
  7. When I have my iPod headphones in, I sing out loud, know I cannot sing, but don't care.
I am only allowed to nominate 7 bloggers, which is actually very hard, because I could nominate many more.  However, here are my 7 chosen favourites:
  1. Curse of Ancient Shadows – by Rod Tyson. A YA author who is an amazing person with an interesting cat-with-no-name
  2. Daemonwulf - Home of the Lord of Wulves – by Daemonwulf.  I don't believe I have ever had a dull conversation with him!  The hairs at the back of your neck will stand up when you check out his blog.
  3. essential guide to being unpublished  – by Nan Bovington quirky and she so reminds me of me.  She, however, is a way better blogger
  4. fuonlyknew - by Laura Thomas. Averaging 2-3 blog posts per day (ok, that's a guess) I read almost every posting and am influenced by more of her book reviews than she probably knows.
  5. Its worth a try – by Veronica Stewart. Relatively new blogger who adds a new chapter of her (soon it will be a novel) story about fairy adventures.  I've known her practically my whole life.
  6. Morgue of Intrigue – by Cory Eadson. Winner of a recent flash fiction competition that had 88 entries and what can I say about Cory that I haven't already said on this blog and tweeted.  I miss him
  7. There's always cracks – by Alycia Bezuidenhout. Obviously, I am biased when it comes to this young lady. I hope she knows how incredibly proud I am of her.
As I said, I could have nominated a load more but sadly I have been limited to 7. Know that even if you don't see your blog here, I still think you are beautiful

Thank you again Jane :)


Rod Tyson said...

Thanks B - you're awesome. Love what you've done to your blog by the way - looks great! You always have something cool and interesting to say :)

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you Rod *grins* I do try my best. Congrats on the shortlisting of your novel. fingers crossed for you!

Jane Isaac said...

Hey Beautiful!
Love the revelations. Well, I knew you were accident prone, and the bit about serial killers didn't surprise, but the rest - I feel I know you better already, LOL!

Veronica Stewart said...

Thanks B, wonderful woman!! I knew all that about you , even the chair thing, as I do the same (short ass syndrome) lol. Humbled that you put me in with all those awesome bloggers cx

Bernadette Davies said...

To Jane: I like these kind of things. We should all do a list of 50 things not everyone knows about us and I bet it would be a good giggle. Again, thank you for nominating me, it made my day :) x

Bernadette Davies said...

To Nix - You are welcome and of course you deserve to be on this list! I look forward to reading your 7 items when you put this on your blog :) x

Anonymous said...

Well done Bernadette. I am also very proud of you.. Mom xxx

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you Mommykins xxx

Daemonwulf said...

Oh Bernie, you slay me with your words. *slayed-and-splayed smile* Thank you kindly for adding me as one of your 'magnificent seven.' (*a-term-I-have-been-using-s-lot-lately-and-fits-perfectly-here smile*). Now someone needs to tell me what I can do to repay your kindness... And, something (*perhaps-a-little-bird? grin*) tells me I know what it is... *sly look* But, seriously, I do very much appreciate your including me in your award list. It is an mean honour (*just-so-you-understand-what-I'm-saying smile*)...

Bernadette Davies said...

I have the perfect idea of what you could do to repay the kindness Mr Wulf, but, I've said pressure *hearty laugh*
And you are very welcome, love your blood bath, in your face, gore stories....yeah, im selling it, im selling it!

laura thomas said...

Bernadette, I am embarrassed to say I completely missed this. I am so thrilled to have been nominated for this award. I was also nominated for this by another blogger so maybe I was confused. Thanks so much for this honor.