Thursday, 22 December 2011

Finger Doom

I am so frustrated.  I had all these plans!  And then I went and got my finger (ring finger, left hand) crushed in a door.  This happened during a drunken Christmas party in London two weeks ago. 
On the plus side, at least I was full of alcohol at the time.  Because of that I never felt a thing and found the whole finger drama very amusing.  I especially giggled when I spurted blood over everyone and everything.  I have not seen so much blood (in real life that is) in my life!  My co-workers were taken aback and were rather shocked when they saw me after my first A&E visit and the term Texas Chainsaw Massacre came up a few times in conversation at the sight of me and my hotel room.  So, thank God for alcohol which helped make the whole thing pretty pain free. (At the time)
On the down side, (and this is the side that tips the scales) had it not been for the booze, I probably would have:
a) Seen the door
b) Not bled like a slaughtered animal
c) Have had to undergo plastic surgery to fix my finger (It's still kinda gross (I saw it post-op for the first time yesterday))
d) Have had to pop pain killers for the last 2 weeks due to how painful it is, and most importantly for me,
e) Being able to still type at the speed that I do and with the normal accuracy that I do

This is why I am so frustrated!
I spend ages typing with one finger, and spend twice the amount of time having to go back and correct the errors.  I have heard myself softly growling under my breath in the pure irritation of it all.  Worse is, I was going to use this Christmas break to begin working on my novel.  Its all in my head, but I would go insane trying to type it in this state.  Sooo slow and I would loose half the plot whilst I go back and spend 5 minutes trying to correct the spelling on a single word where I keep pressing the wrong keys!

Perhaps I should give it a go anyway.  I fear though that I would end up punching the computer screen at the frustration at not being able to get out the words quickly enough and end up with a bandaged hand!  Well, I guess that wouldn't make things much worse.

Anyway, there you have it, rant over with.  Its taken me over half an hour to type this blog entry, but on the plus side, At least I got out of wrapping Christmas presents this year. :)

If I don't blog again before Christmas, I wish you a happy and peaceful one.  I for one, cannot wait to unwrap 11.22.63 by Stephen King!!!


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