Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Atomic Summer by Elaine D. Walsh - A review

Atomic SummerAtomic Summer by Elaine D. Walsh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 I had been recommended this book by the author and checked out the ratings and some of the reviews before I committed to reading and then reviewing this book. I started reading it pretty soon after I downloaded it and was initially a little unsure as to how I felt about it. For me, the plot moved quite slow at first, and I am that type of reader who likes to be engrossed from the start and particularly love books that has me frantically turning the pages. Normally I would put a book aside that doesn't instantly grab me and not bother to finish it but I did not want to do that with 'Atomic Summer' because for one thing,  the reviews raved about it and I wanted to give it a fair chance but more importantly, even though it was moving slowly, as I kept reading the characters began to come alive for me. Suddenly I found myself truly caring about Faith, Octavia and Bernadette. Not to mention Allan and Wesley. As I read I fell in love with Wesley and then there was Bernadette and the awful things she would say to cringe at but I also felt my heart break just a little for Octavia.
Towards the second half of the book I was indeed furiously turning pages and have just spent the last two hours not putting the book down until I had finished it and I am so glad that I persevered.
The author has an incredible talent of bringing her characters to life. She has created wonderful individuals that will mesmerise you and woven them into a truly memorable, heartwarming yet bittersweet story that will leave you thinking about them for days if not weeks after.  Throughout the story, the author kept me guessing and it was this need to find out the answers to many of my questions that kept me reading, and then, wrapping it all up beautifully in the end, she answered all of them and confirmed some I had already guessed.
For a heartwarming, poignant read, I would happily recommend this book.  You will find yourself transported back to the 1950's, live their hopes and dreams as if you were there, and return to your present day with fond memories, as if you really lived it.

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Dorian T. Gray said...

It sounds like a good read. Thanks for the recommendation.

Bernadette Davies said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)